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The pgAdmin package is a free and open-source graphical user interface (GUI) administration tool for PostgreSQL, which is configured as a service for your development.


    image: dpage/pgadmin4
      - "5050:5050"
      - PGADMIN_DEFAULT_EMAIL=<your_email_address>
      - PGADMIN_DEFAULT_PASSWORD=<your_password>


      file: docker-services.yml
      service: pgadmin

You can easily access pgAdmin 4 from your web browser.

visit http://localhost:5050. You should see the pgAdmin login page. Login with your email and password.

Once you login, you should see the pgAdmin dashboard.

Now, to add the PostgreSQL server running as a Docker container, right click on Servers, and then go to Create > Server…

In the General tab, type in your server Name.

Now, go to the Connection tab and type in db as Host name/address, (db is the container name for PostgreSQL) 5432 as Port, postgres as Maintenance database, admin as Username, secret as Password and check Save password? checkbox. Then, click on Save.

NOTE: Ad Host name/address add docker container name or service name of your database. in real production it can be the IP of address of Database.

pgAdmin 4 should be connected to your PostgreSQL database. Now, you can work with your PostgreSQL database as much as you want.